Environmental review and assessments consultants

Marble, Mosaic and Ceramic Tiles and Related Products Factory

Processes involved in manufacturing of marble tiles, mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles and related products generates significant quantity of solid waste, sludge, wastewater and other environmental nuisance such as dust and noise. The uncontrolled disposal of generated waste from these activities has a considerable impact on the cost of operation and maintenance of DM waste treatment and disposal facilities. In-house practice of companies on waste minimization, treatment and reuse of wastewater will certainly reduce the adverse impacts from this type of industries to the environment.

Under Local Order (61/91) the Owner/Occupier of the premises (factory) is required to control the discharge of their waste byproducts for the protection of environment. This Technical Guideline sets out requirements for the: ƒ

  • On-site control of dust, noise emissions and wastewater.
  • Waste minimization.
  • Disposal of liquid and solid waste residues resulting from manufacturing/processing of marble & concrete mosaic tiles and related ceramic products.