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Environmental Site Assessment and Restoration of Contaminated Site

This guidance document, titled the “Technical Guidelines No.5 on Environmental Site Assessment and Restoration of Contaminated Site”, revision 1, issue of August 2014, was prepared as per the relevant Laws and Regulations and with reference to the best industry practices. This revision shall supersede and replaces the old versionof the same title issue dated April 2011.

Sites or areas covered by this guidance document includes,but without limit to, any contaminated site or site suspected of being contaminated with chemical or dangerous substance, abandoned site of industrial or manufacturing activity, abandoned waste disposal site, or any site that requires clean-up, remediation or restoration. Heretofore are the outline of requirements and procedures for the investigation,assessment, and remediation of the site in subject.

Clean-up of contaminated site and its restoration to background or original condition is necessary in keeping the beneficial use of the site and sustainability for the next generation. The legislation reference for the clean-up and restoration are provided for under Local Order 61 of 1991 on the EnvironmentProtection Regulations in the Emirate of Dubai.