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Management of Recyclable Waste Material

This guidance Document is being issued in reference to the “Waste Acceptance and Disposal Policy in the Emirate of Dubai”,2nd rev. 2013,as a supplement instrument in ensuring the implementation of the 3R of waste management, that is, the Recycling, Reuse and Recovery of all recyclable waste materials, and ensures that recyclables are diverted from landfill and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner.

This Document also provides the permit requirements for the proper disposal of any discarded recyclable materials or unwanted products which are generated in the Emirate of Dubai. It also specifies that only establishment with valid licensed activity is allowed to handle, store and process recyclable waste materials. This to ensures that discarded recyclable materials are not only diverted from landfill but are also recycled, reused or recovered (converted) into new products in an environmentally sound process.