Environmental review and assessments consultants

Temporary and Permanent Concrete Batching Plants

Massive infrastructural projects developmenthas been taking place in Dubai, huge mixed-use complexes, industrial, Commercial and educational cluster developments are under construction throughout the emirate, that brought a big boom to the construction industries have lead to the installation of numerous concrete batching plants which are now widespread in designated areas in Dubai. The significant environmental impacts of the operation of such batching plants is a concern thus, thorough environmental assessment is necessary to identify and address such impacts prior to the construction and operation of the batching plant's facilities.

The federal law No. 24 / 1999 & local order 61/1991 with regard to Environment Protection Regulations in the Emirate of Dubai requires all involved parties in industrial activity to comply with Environmental Protection & Safety regulations, prevent pollution of environmental aspect such as soil, water, air as well as noise pollution. The following guidelines are for environment compliance required to be complied by the concrete batching plant companies in effort to conserve the environment.The consists of this guide of several chapters presented legislative framework, main guideline objectives,General Requirement, Requirements for Environmental Permit, Requirement for Public Safety, Environmental Health & Safety Protection Checklist, and Technical Checklist for Ready Mix Batching Plants