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Guarding of Dangerous Machinery

Accident statistics show that nearly one-third of accidents in factories are due to machinery whether it is moved by power or operated manually. To safer guard workers who operate and maintain machines, it is necessary to make the machine safe. A machinery guard is a barrier or device to prevent a person or his clothing coming in contact with the dangerous parts of machinery. In the first instant, guards shall be provided by the manufacturers of machines failin g which the occupier/employer shall provide necessary safe guards for use in factories.

The management while selecting purchasing, installing and making use of machinery and equipment should ensure that they are safe. Proper inspection of a machine should be done to identify the dangerous parts of machines requiring guards. This guideline covers certain machines requiring guards to dangerous parts viz. point of operation, transmission machinery or other dangerous parts

Dubai Occupational Health and Safety Regulation Local Order No. 61 of 1991 require the employer to ensure that the working conditions are safe and the precautions are taken for the protection of workers. Also, it requires the person who supplies plant and machinery to ensure that they are in good condition.