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Personal Protective Equipment-Hearing Protection

Noise is defined as unwanted sound and reaches the ear in the form of pressure waves. Exposure to excessive noise results in the destruction of hair-like cells in the ear canal.

Once cells have been destroyed the effect is permanent. Noise can produce an impairment of hearing which is known as noise induced deafness which can be either temporary or permanent depending on the type and the amount of exposure. When engineering controls are not feasible as a permanent method of elimination or attenuation of noise at its source, personal protective devices for noise control are required to be worn.

The employers shall identify the high noise level areas and provide hearing protectors -ear muff or ear plug. Hearing protectors -personal protective devices shall conform to approved Standards. Dubai Local Order No. 61 of 1991 requires the control of noise, exposure period and the use of personal protective device by workers in a noisy workplace.