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Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinders

The use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in the domestic and industrial sectors has increased the number of retail/distribution premises selling LPG-filled cylinders in the Emirate of Dubai.

The potential risk of fire and explosion from gas escaping from a cylinder and the consequences of fire either at or near an LPG filled cylinder should be known to all concerned. With a view to safeguard the general public and people at work, these Guidelines regulating the filling, storage and transporting of LPG cylinders have been made.

The Local Order No. 27/1985 and other safety Directives issued by the Dubai Municipality stipulates certain requirements for storage, distribution and selling of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders in the Emirate of Dubai. All the filling, distribution companies in the Emirate of Dubai are required to strictly adopt the procedures to ensure safety of public