Environmental consultants

Obtaining Health and Safety Clearance

The safe design and construction of new industrial facilities as well as compliance of the existing facilities with safety regulations during the activities alteration, expansion or relocation plays an important part in the overall and long term safety performance of the facility. Also, a well-planned and documented safety program shall be an integral part before the execution of such projects. Thus, it is a requirement for all new industrial facilities including renovation, expansion or relocation of existing facilities to submit a Risk Assessment Report (RAR) and related Safety Management System (SMS) before gaining municipality approval.

The aim of earlier identification of the Potential Risks and Safety Management System requirements is to help the project developer consider all potential risks and to be able to develop better strategies to minimize the risks of all the identified hazards.

On the other hand, the verification of technical qualifications, knowledge and expertise of professional and training services provider will ensure the quality, credibility and reliability of the services they will provide to their customers. In the end, a ll of these will ensure that the requirements of Local Order 61/1991 the Health & Safety regulations in the Emirate of Dubai are complied with.