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Entry into Confined Spaces

A "Confined space" is any workplace having limited means of entry and/or egress and so enclosed that the accumulation of toxic or combustible agents or a deficiency of oxygen may pose hazards to workers if adequate dilution ventilation (forced or natural) is not available

A confined space may include but is not limited to, any of the following:

  • Storage tanks, tank cars, process vessels, tank trailer drums, or other tank-like compartments usually one or more manholes for entry.
  • Bins, silos, pits, vats, tubs, vaults, vessels or tanks of more than 4 feet in depth.
  • Ventilation or exhaust ducts, manholes, sewers, tunnels, pipelines, and similar structures.
  • Ovens, furnaces, kilns, heat exchangers, boilers, economizers, transformers, oil-circuit breakers, condensers, and similar structures

Each industry has its own specific problems and dangers associated with the nature of its operations. Prevention of injuries to the life and health of workers requires that they are properly trained and well equipped to recognize, understand and control the hazards they could encounter. Dubai Occupational Health and Safety Regulations Local Order No. 61 of 1991 require the employers to take adequate precautions for the safety and health of workers