Registered Environmental Consultants in the Emirate of Dubai
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About Us

About OIC

Outlook Industrial Consultants (OIC) is an Environmental Consultancy Organization providing solutions on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Waste Management System, Waste Audits, Risk Assessment (RA), Dangerous Goods Permit (DG), Air Modelling, etc;

Outlook Industrial Consultants (OIC) ever since its inception has been instrumental in implementing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to many organizations in Dubai, UAE.

Environmental Consultants in Dubai


The Value that drive us

  • Outlook Means Positive Attitude
Environmental Consultants in Dubai

Sensible Thoughts

Sensible thoughts are really vital to accomplish Environmental issues; many times it starts and finishes at same point.

Our sensible thoughts understand the imbalance between DM EPSS technical guidelines and client requirements.

Sensible thoughts doesn't mean a company's value becomes aggressive, it's just the thinking behind them. It does mean when the industry achieve that success by rooting our sensible thoughts to their Legal compliance & continual improvement.

Environmental Consultants in Dubai


We are boldly results driven and believe in our every Environmental Consultancy work that delivers not just reputation, but the increased and commitment to the Environmental regulations.

Environmental Compliance of your company with OIC will be remembered by every people in your organization.

If there is something simple and logical to remember, we are half way through to create an Environmental Commitment within your organization.

Give your people something to talk about your processes or new innovations in your environmental compliance (For eg: Waste Management).

Help them tell your story through your “Environmental Clearance (EC)” and if you are memorable and have something to talk about, we will have an increased level of legal compliance.

Environmental Consultants in Dubai

Pleasing Rapport

Communications are only effective in addressing changing environment of industries. OIC team inculcates the best media tools to your industry, enabling them to be better placed by effectively interacting with the client, sub-contractors and other interested parties through our Environmental Consultancy.

So we seek best strategies to convey the Environmental Clearance (EC) Industrial content pertaining to customer and DM EPSS requirements. OIC takes privilege by creating such an essential interface in the light of changing technology and to keep in turn with the modernization of industries from time to time.

Environmental Consultants in Dubai

One Agenda

We know that often consultants and clients operate with something of a vacuum between them.

So when we start working with new clients, we establish a core team from the very start made up of key client and OIC's Environment Consultant. We genuinely work together as one team with common goals, and a clear understanding of what everyone hopes out of our relationship.

The output of our relationship provides Environmental Clearance (EC), steps to enhance the overall capability of employees - in both domain knowledge, legal compliance and interpersonal skills. It is to remove the mismatch that we are taking steps, utilizing best strategies to enhance overall ability and skills of the people.

This team then works to four promises-it has common goals, it is collaborative, it communicates with itself, and it delivers with clarity of desired outputs.

Environmental Consultants in Dubai

OIC Coffee

We have something of a practice for pots of tea and cups of coffee. No meeting starts without one. We are not quite sure what this says about us - sufficient to say that anyone is welcome to pop in for a cup of coffee.

So whether you are an existing client or not, in for a meeting, just passing, or even never met us before, you will always find someone willing to share a cup of coffee and chat about Environmental requirements.

Environmental Consultants in Dubai
Environmental Consultants in Dubai
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Environmental Consultants in Dubai
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Environmental Consultants in Dubai
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Environmental Consultants in Dubai
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Environmental Consultants in Dubai
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Registered Environmental Consultants in the Emirate of Dubai

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